Laws of attraction no one told me.
From afar people look so wonderful and so beautiful that we want to become part of their lives. We see how beautiful and gorgeous they are, we admire them so much that we just want to be like them or have them in our lives. Forgetting the big question of what next after making sure they become part of our lives. In our everyday lives, we meet lots of people from different spheres of life. Sometimes we even compare them with those we are with at the present moment forgetting how wonderful those people have been to us. Attraction is a very powerful force that pulls one like a magnet. But then what if what attracted you was just a mirage and not the real thing. Most times when we meet people, we barely see or know their content. People are not the way they appear to be. Everyone’s got a secret that they don’t want to let out. Lots of people are living in falsehood and giving off an image of what they are not. We are living in a society where acceptance has become paramount. We all want to be accepted by those people and even if it means lying to ourselves just to get them to accept us that is okay.
That’s where the laws of attraction come. These people fall in love with us because of the lie we show them. We display what we are not because we are scared of being rejected by them; whereas it’s just a matter of time when the real us will be revealed to them. How long can we keep up with the lies just to make them stay with us or keep them with us?
So when next you get attracted to someone, ask yourself the following questions:
1.       Is the person am attracted to being real or is that the real person?
2.       Will I still be attracted to this person when I see his or her flaws or see them for who they truly are?
To answer the first question, there are things we need to know about humans. We’ve all got different life experiences and come from different backgrounds. No one wants to be judged for being pink, white or black. Getting someone to be real with you requires lots of effort and patient. It means getting the person to trust you knowing you won’t judge them or insult them with their life experiences or the way such events have made them to be. I remember Bishop T.D jakes in one of His books saying people will remain as beautiful as they were had it not been those life experiences. Take away the incidents and then you meet the real person. Having said that, if after your efforts, the person still prefers to be or live a fake life, somehow u have to stop been attracted to such person. It will just happen.
Secondly, everyone always wants to have a perfect life, perfect relationship and everything perfect. So when people they meet aren’t perfect, they stop been attracted to them. Maybe you should ask yourself whether you are perfect enough with all you’ve been through. We’ve all made mistakes and we’ve all had our own fair share of life experiences. So when you see or hear how flawed the person you are attracted to is, will you still be attracted to the person. Most of us are like “oh my God, I can’t be with her or him. I thought he was my type but then he’s not really.” All because you have seen them for whom they truly are. I feel everyone has someone meant for them. Someone that knows their flaws and still get attracted to them nonetheless everyday of their lives.
So my dear, before you decide to abandon the person you are with to follow your attraction, consider the above discussed points.


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