How to make proper use of your time

At the end, it is the life that you lived that matters.

Life is a precious gift and packaged with such beautiful gift is time to live such life. What would life be had it been there was no time to live it out or to go on adventures knowing you still got time to live. However most people still don’t make proper use of their time while some leave their time in the hands of others just the way they abandon their lives in the hands of people.
I came to realize that one major reason people don’t maximize their time is because they don’t know what to do with it. 
Its funny right? But then it’s the truth. Just like little children, some people just want to while away their time doing nothing or waste it on things that don’t matter. 
The following are the few, but not comprehensive, we ways we can make good use of our time.
For you to maximize your time, you must:

DISCOVER YOURSELF: When you don’t know who you are and what works for you, you will be easily influenced by anyone. Any of your friends can easily manipulate you to do what they want. Thus helping you to use your time. To discover yourself, you must first learn how to love yourself and appreciate who you truly are. Monitor yourself and keep tabs and record of yourself because you are the only one who can love yourself better. By doing that, you will understand your desires, know what motivates you and what inspires you.
KNOW YOUR PURPOSE: it is said that when a purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Purpose is the reason why you were created in the first place. The reason why you were born can only be revealed your creator. Every product has a manual attached to it by the manufacturer to show the work of such product and how to use it. It is only your creator that has such manual and only Him can hand over the manual for your life to you. 
GET YOUR AMBITIONS RIGHT: most times, people confuse ambition for purpose and purpose for ambition. However, they are two different things. Ambition is a person’s logical decision about what direction their lives will take. These decisions are based on exposure, associations and assimilation, though not limited to it. Sometimes, your skills and talents can come together to create your ambition and also help you figure out your purpose. Just that your purpose is greater than your ambition because your purpose is a higher calling. 
ENGAGE YOURSELF: its either you are going on a mission, running with a vision or burning with passion (Bishop David Oyedepo). Having gotten the first threes right, the next thing is to engage yourself. Time they say, waits for no one. Knowing yourself, your goals and dreams engages you every time to become a better person. The race of life is not to the swift, nor the battle to the strongest, neither is food available only to the wise or wealth only to those who are brilliant. Equal opportunity and equal time appear to everyone. Everything boils down to how we use our time. The poor can be rich if he utilizes his time well. The hungry fool can decide to work hard and earn a living. We live in a world filled with great opportunities each day. But it’s only when we engage ourselves that we will discover such. Engage your mind, think deeply. Engage your hands- be creative, invest, write, read, venture into business, do something worth it. Don’t let any moment of your life or any minute waste without giving a proper account of it. Make every seconds matter. You can also try keeping a daily record of your time and before you know it, maximizing your time becomes a part of you that you won’t even need to record. You will be so busy investing your time that you will even ask for more time.

I read about the story of Bill Gates, and I discovered that as a child, he knew how to maximize his time. How? His first step was to discover himself. It was recorded that he was found staring into space by his mum and his mom asked him what he was doing and he said he was thinking. He thought deeply and discovered what he could offer to his world and having discovered that, he spent time working on it that most times, he sleeps on the desk where he was programming his software. He will sleep and wake up to continue because he realized that time was not enough and time wasn’t on his side. He had to leave school so he could have enough time (Though am not encouraging any one to do that if that’s not your calling).  From then onwards, having discovered himself, his dreams and what he could achieve, he constantly engaged himself.
SAY NO TO SLEEP UNTIL YOU HAVE DONE THAT WHICH OUGHT TO BE DONE: Procrastination is a killer disease. Train yourself not to go to bed each day without doing your work well or adding value to yourself. 
At the end of it all, you will see how much you have grown and done and how well you have maximized your time.

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