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“Marriage is a Security. ”

Did any of those answers resonate with you? Although personal happiness is part of the marriage equation, if that’s all you think of as the reason you married, you need to go down a bit deeper. Let’s take a look at what marriage is and discover its purpose.

Marriage is . . . a gift.

Marriage is . . . an opportunity for love to be learned.

Marriage is . . . a journey in which we as the travelers are faced with many choices and are responsible for these choices.

Marriage is . . . affected more by our inner communication than our outer communication.

Marriage is . . . often influenced by unresolved issues from our past than we realize.

Marriage is . . . a call to servant hood.

Marriage is . . . a call to friendship.

Marriage is . . . a call to suffering.

Marriage is . . . a refining process. It is an opportunity to be refined by God into the person He wants us to be.

Marriage is . . . an opportunity to reflect God’s image.
When we marry for personal happiness and satisfaction, and then, for
whatever reason, these start to diminish or have never met our standards, we tend to begin entertaining all sorts of unconstructive thoughts. I’ve heard people complain, “Why didn’t He make men and women different than He did? It would
make marriage so much easier. ” But why should God make it  easier?

Did He create marriage to make us happy or to make us holy?


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