Relationship is an organism that grow just like human grows. As humans need food, good psychological, emotional, financial and mental well being to grow and develop, so does relationships.
People go into relationships for different reasons which they know best. It could be ‘cos of love, what they stand to gain or get out of it.
However, the question is has he or she been an inspiration or a poison or just another gold digger or jack ass.
You will know when one is an inspiration through their lifestyles and the kind of decision they take in their own lives and how they react to those around them and in difficult situation. For instance, if you are in a relationship with a hard working person, it will propel you to be hardworking yourself. if you are dating a career lady , she can help you channel your energy to the right source and help you reach your goal and achieve your dream. Her diligence to work and every other aspect such as savings, how she spends, it will inspire you as the man to sit up and do better. Although some men see them as threats rather than inspiration. when you change your perspective, it will help you a lot. Has she been an inspiration? my dear readers, if you cant answer this question truly, then its time to think again. if he /she has not been, its high time you pack your things and walk out. This is because if you don’t, by the time you realize it, your life must have been flooded with negative thoughts and emotions , time passed by with all your dreams and plans unaccomplished.
Relationship is more than just loving. Its about two people growing together,side by side impacting each other, correcting each other all the way, helping one another when the other is weak, believing in each other. Its not about talking the other partner down, making them feel less or inferior and making them doubt their capabilities and lose self confidence. Your psychological,emotional,financial and mental well-being should be of importance to one another

How then will you know if he/she is an inspiration
  • The kind of life choices or decisions they take. Decisions taking everyday as you grow together in your relationship matters. If your partner just thinks of himself only, then you should watch it. It’s a possible sign of selfishness and that’s not what you want to learn from them.
  • The reaction you get from your partner when you talk about your dreams or goals is another. does he/she give their support. do they say encouraging words or demeaning words. Do they assist you with ease or complain and make you keep postponing your plans.
  • Is their attitude to the way people treat them make you admire them. Am proud to say am in a relationship with a wonderful person and although he’s not perfect, his life is such an inspiration. He sees the best in people even when they hurt him, and forget him, he still helps whenever they come calling. He forgives easily without holding grudges. such a person is an inspiration. 
  • Lastly, is he/ she the listening type.I have met guys that want to keep on talking about themselves, what they have achieved, their plans, and not even taking time to listen to that of their partner. to them, its irrelevant, its not important. God knows I can’t date such a man ‘cos if what i hold dear is not important to him, then I wonder what am doing in such relationship. The truth is there won’t be any growth on my own part if am involved in such that’s how it is . The other partner will keep growing while the other is living in shadows that was created by his or her so called partner.
A good relationship is an healthy one, where there is room for both partners to grow and become one. if that’s not the case, just walk out of that door. Let your partner be an inspiration.



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