Freewill is an overrated idea in that most of the choices (almost always they are 2) we think we are free to make had been chosen for us by our parent, society, religion, environment, social background and even the kind of company we keep. When a child is born, s/he is born blank and ready to absorb and learn. The parent, fashions the kid into what he/she wants or what they want. You want your child to be a medical doctor, the kind of painting in his/her nursery will be pointing to that direction; the kid is seeing medical equipment till s/he grows matured, such kid will of course want to be a medical doctor ‘cos his/her mind has been conditioned that way. 

While the kid is growing up, the kind of things s/he sees in the environment go a long way to shape his character. After-all what we see and do every day forms part our habit; our habit becomes our character; our character becomes our personality; our personality influences our choices. 

How then can we make decisions free from any external influences? It would seem as if we are ‘doomed’ to be what we turned out to be ‘cos of those things considered above. However, we tend to see people from all works of life rising above the influences stated above to form their own part. 
Therefore, I  would consider some of the things that helped them.

  • As was noted above, those influences are external thus, for you to break them off you, you will have to look inward. Your soul knows what he/she wants out of life. In fact, he has your blue print and knows what your contribution ought to be to make our world a better place. How then can you look inward? This can be done when you spend time to know yourself; meaning spend enough time with yourself.

  (1.)Get to know how your body works, reacts and acts towards things, persons and situations.

 (2) then get to know what repels your spirit and what excites your spirit. Sometimes what your body wants may clash with what your inner mind wants, in such situations let your inner mind rule you ‘cos that’s your real self, your original personality.

(3) keep on checking with your inner mind (spirit) to see if it likes or approves of your choices and do not stifle it when it’s trying to warn else you may start giving in to the above stated influences 

    • Dare to do the seemingly impossible. Our mind has been conditioned by the external factors to see somethings as above us, so if you must break out, you must deliberately do that which appears to be your own ‘glass-ceiling’ and break it. Note that there will be lots of difficulties and discouragement while trying to achieve that. Your friends may even see you as crazy for thinking you can rise above that, but keep on doing it and you will breakthrough. Note also that most of this difficulties only exists in our mind, let your orientation shift and have a positive mind then you will see the barrier shifting like the mirage that they are. 

    • Be obstinate and stubborn and be ready to do the runs alone. If you think you can carry people along, then you are not ready to breakout. The road to success is a lonely road but when you get to your destination, people will surround you. Success, they say, has plenty fathers while failure has no relative. 

    • Set short term goals and when you achieve each, do not rest on your oars till that seemingly impossibility is made possible. Even when that is achieved if there are others perceived impossibilities, chase after them. People who do this have their names written in “golden-concrete” on sands of time it never washes off and never gets blown away.

    • Do not forget your God for it is Him who gives you the mandate that your spirit is pushing to achieve. So when the goings get tough, turn to Him who gives you mandate and He shall release the positive energies you need to look again at the challenge facing you from a fresh angle thereby seeing the way around it. Make sure you are closer to the giver of life and always give Him the praise.

    Go and make the difference in your generation God bless you…….
    Your comments are welcome
    Criticism is needed

    A.A Adeyinka (esq)


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