Job 15:14-16

“What is man,that he should be Clean? and he which is born of a woman, that he should be righteous? Behold, he putteth no trust in his Saints, yea; the heavens are not clean in his sight. 
How much more abominable and filthy is man, which drinketh iniquity like water?? “”

This scriptures calls for everyone to pause a bit and ponder over it even before reading any further.  It’s a question everyone need to find an answer to. In our daily walk with God, we strive to conform into a perfect image, the image of his Son. We try to become better than we were.  But yet, our human nature has a way of bringing us down at every step we take. Also,  amidst Christendom still lies believers who strive and depend on what they do or not do to gratify them as righteous or holy before God. 
However, this scriptures tells us that no one is pure before God’s eyes. Not even His saints or His angels. Thus, those men whom we celebrate today, ministers of God, great men who have done exploit and men whom we look up to in our Christian work, if they are not seen as pure before God, not even the Angels  who minister before him or the heavens which is His throne, how much more we mortals. 
The book of Romans 3:10 went further to confirm this by saying that “as it is written, There is none righteous, no not one. 
To be continued….. 


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