If you want to know why you are here 
Then you must focus on your passion and you need to answer the following :

What does people say I do best 
What can do I do that I will forget sleep 
What do I do that I will forget sleep 

Your talent is your hobby 
Your hobby becomes your profession when you hone it and develop it to bring income for you

What is your passion? 
Remember, what you continually do is your hobby, your hobby becomes your habit and your habit becomes your character your character is who your are 

But to fulfill purpose, you need to know what you are 
So I ask what are you ?
By asking what you are, you are only searching for your functions on earth.
In other words why you are in existence 

What am I? 
Am I a positive change agent? 
Am I a relief from stress (comedian) 
Am I a rock for friends even in times of troubles? (a motivator) 
Am I a solution to need and problems? (an inventor or entrepreneur) …
 Then your next question should be:
How does what I am contribute to earth and helps the coming generation 

I ask you :
Do you want to live for ever? (do you want your name to extend beyond your generation?)
I am sure most of you have heard of Shakespeare, he died in the year 1616 but still affect his generation humans idea till today
 Most of you in your your religious gathering will ask for heaven’s to come to earth
Not knowing that with natural law, heavens can only manifest through humans

Are you you ready to affect generations yet unborn?
Do you want earth to be a better place for generations coming after you?
Then start by fulfilling purpose

How then can you fulfill purpose?
The answer lies in you

So I say let go of the doubt
Let go of the insecurities
Stop disqualifying yourself

Remember :
“It is not of him that willeth nor of him that runneth but of God that showeth mercies “

It’s not by your power not even by your might
He has chosen you even before the earth assume it’s form

Now I enjoin you to go out there and live and stop existing

Make this earth a better place
Let there be a move of His own on this place we call ours

Let your name live on after your physical person is no more

Let there be a move of movers and shakers

Let heavens reign on earth
You have been given all what your generation needs
Use all your talents before you expire
 You do not need
Any image built for you to be remembered

Jesus,  Mohammed, Abraham, even Buddha didn’t have their image built and generations unknown still revere them

 You want to be known?
Then look for needs in your societies
Look for lacuna

Be action oriented
Then your generation has no choice than to pay you, respect you and remember you

 A. A. Adeyinka(esq)
All rights reserved (c) 2017


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