Being on the right track doesn’t mean things won’t get rough
Doesn’t mean you won’t be challenged, rejected, laughed at or seen generally as a moron

If Moses had been alive this century, people will laugh at him for spending forty days with God only for 10 commandments!!!
But then this made him to be someone that God said there would no other like him

Just know that it’s your journey
Yes!!  Being on the right track doesn’t mean hopeless situations won’t arise
But remember :
When He created the earth it was first without form and void yet His Spirit brooded over the face of the deep and things changed

Jesus was inside the boat that was being battered by storms and it remained only for it to shatter
Even the time His disciple were facing a monster storm He was trekking on the water
You will recall that the loafs and fishes were only enough to feed one boy to satisfaction

Yet out of all those seemingly hopeless situations everlasting wonders were wrought

The same void and formless earth becomes very beautiful and support beautiful creations

Do not fret because it’s when you think you are finished when u start doubting whether you know your purpose truly that He will move and turn ordinary lives to extraordinary
If you have found answers to the questions : who are you and what are you? 
Then do not fret just keep your head and keep on moving on because it takes one single step to breakthrough though you may not know which you will take that will break you through

Just make sure you are on the right track
God bless you and may His will be done in your life. Shalom

 A.A. Adeyinka(esq)
All rights reserved (c) 2017


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