New Beginnings

Happy New Year everyone from Jedahstalk. Sorry this might be coming late, but its a great opportunity to welcome everyone on this platform and all my audience. I would love to give everyone a word of hope to begin with this new year.

Every new year, we all begin on a right footing. We make new year resolutions, which includes new goals, new strategies, new vows to quit bad habits and begin a new one.However, by the time we get to the very half of the month, we look back and discover that we have not made any progress however little with our new year resolutions. Like I always say, its not how you started out that matters, but what matters is how well you finished. Finishing strong should be on our minds at the beginning of every new year as we take up our pens to write down our goals.
I bet only few people can boast of fulfilling their new year’s goals as at last year. And now, here we are again in a new year with new plans.

So how can you achieve your new year goals

  • by committing your plans and actions to God [proverbs 16:3] Commit your works unto the Lord and your plans will succeed or established
  • trust God for divine direction [proverbs 3:6] Seek his will in all you do and he will show you which path to take. Divine direction does not necessary mean you will hear an audible voice, some do,some don’t. It can come to us intuitively if our spirit is right with God. The scriptures tells us that we will hear a voice behind us telling us this is the way to go [Isaiah 30:21]. Same bible also tells us that it is God that teacheth our hands to make wealth. Everything we need to begin a year plan and finish successfully is right there if only we can commit our plans and trust God.
  • Lastly, play your role by working hard . You don’t commit your plans and goals to God’s hands and go to sleep. Even the scriptures says that the hands of the diligent shall bear rule while slothfulness casteth into a deep sleep and an idle soul shall suffer hunger

In conclusion, I charge you not just to run this year, but run with a vision, run with wisdom and with God on your side, your year will end gloriously.{psalm 37:5}


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