There is only one way to reach your goal which is by staying true to the process. Every dream or goal in life must take a definite course or pattern. Quite a number of times,we just want to jump the process and reach our goals. We just want to get to the end of the tunnel without having to pick up the life lessons,and experiences that will forever make us better persons.
The world at large is moving at a very high velocity and we all want to catch up with it and then miss out of life itself forgetting that each and every one of us have various timing in life.

Winston Churchill said that success consists of going from failure to failure without loss of enthusiasm.

The only person to whom you should compare yourself with is the person you are yesterday,with hope of becoming a better you.

Here are some of the reasons why people don’t stay true to the process

1. Timing: We feel time is running out of hand and we are missing out of a whole lot of things.Then we are stuck with this one goal and dream that seems to take forever. The truth is you’ve got all the time in the world.Ask great men and women that the world celebrate today,they will all tell you it took time to get where they are today. If you have a goal or dream,it must surely take time.

2. Failure: Abraham Lincoln failed many times,but he never stopped trying.He stayed true to the process.Albert Einstein failed but yet for each failure he learnt how to do it better. Stop beating up yourself when you fail.Accept it as part of life lessons. Who knows,your last effort will get you the dream you so much desire. All this men stayed true to their process and became legends

3. People: In life people must talk.that’s what the mouth is meant to do in the first place.However,don’t let people talk you down or out of your dreams. Its your dream and not theirs.if you succeed tomorrow, they will want to be your friends.Don’t let what others say stop you from achieving your goals . stay true to the process. 

4. Comparison: Stop comparing your journey with that of others.whether with your close pals,siblings,relatives,colleagues. We all have our separate journeys. We don’t even realise what we all want to be in life at same time.So why spend your energy comparing yourself with another.If you are building a skyscraper and your friends are only building a bungalow,definitely your friends will finish there project before you.its certain. Big things take time.

In conclusion, Stay true to your process, a day will come when the world will celebrate you. Don’t quit,don’t go for a short cut,don’t think about now ,just this moment.Greater days are ahead of you and more is yet to come. Only if you can stay and remain true to your process


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