God’s truth vs. The world’s truth

There are so many truths in this life.But yet every now and then,the world’s truth is always in opposition with the truth of God’s word. So many activities goes on in our minds. So many checks and balances in trying to make the right decisions for our selves and choices that will better our lives.but then we find ourselves struggling to make better choices.if only we had one truth staring us in our face,it would have been easier.

One of the reason why the world’s truth sounds and seems for appealing to the human is because first of all,it is logical.the mind accepts what seems logical more than what cannot be explained. The worlds truth can be scientifically proven,tested and said to be right,although in Gods eyes it is not.the worlds truth has more followers and believers who has applied it And the resultant effect seems wonderfula and quick and easier,which makes it have so many followers.but then God’s word is mostly built on and around faith.
The world say seeing is believing, God says blessed are those who do not see but believe.
The world says sex is beautiful with someone you love,God says sex is meant for marriage.God’s truth teaches us selflessness, the world teaches us to be selfish and engage in healthy competitions. 
The problem is the world’s truth always have a way of making evil look so appealing to we humans ,sounds so convincing that it will make us accept it. 
No wonder the bible said we wrestle not against flesh and blood but principalities and powers. God’s truth says be not conformed to the things of this world but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.
Only then can you discern between wht us right and what is not.
The battle of the mind continues but as humans,we are responsible for our choices.Make sure you follow God’s truth because at the end, you will be glad you did


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