Above all things, pursue inner peace. Let your inner peace be all that matters
Ask yourself this question even as the year is coming to an end. When last did you experience inner peace?
Peace is not the absence of trouble, but the overwhelming presence of God in a man’s life. It is a state of wholeness of mind, spirit, soul and body. That point where you have full assurance that you are covered and protected despite life difficulties and challenges.

The world is full of chaos, worries, so much activities that most times we all get drowned in them with little or no time for ourselves. We all want to achieve greatness, we all want to be relevant , we want this, we want that . while many are crying on the inside for help, some soaked themselves in work as a means to get away from their troubles, others find various ways  to seek solace.

However, the good news is life happens to everyone. You are not the only one facing challenges, you are not the only one going through depression, you are not the only one dealing with pains. There are a million out there dealing with greater challenges than you are. Which takes us back to the first question, what do you do when it seems you are losing your sanity, when it appears all you planned out for this year didn’t go as planned.

Your answer lies within. By pursuing inner peace, you will find out that whatever did not work for you was for your good. You will see clearer and understand your situations better. When you have peace, you will quit dealing with depressions and voices in your head because you will experience calm and quietness. This peace, only the Prince of Peace can give. John 14:27

In conclusion, seek inner peace amidst life difficulties. If there’s peace in your mind, you will find peace outside. With an agitated mind, you will find agitation everywhere. So find peace within you and this peace will be reflected on your world.


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