How many times have you been asked why you do what you do or why you are doing what you are doing?
How many times have you tried to explain to people why you do it?
I believe we have all experienced this one way or the other.
For instance when you quit a job that pays you well to settle for a less paying job,your folks would think you are insane.They start acting like you owe them some explanation.
The conversation goes like this:
Hey Mary, why would you quit your high paying job to just settle to for a high school teacher that can’t pay much?
That question automatically forces you to explain your why?
The irony of things is that even with all the explanations you may give,the other party would still not understand your why.
Most times we expect them to understand why we choose the path we choose,or why we are in love with a particular person, or career. We forget that we are different and we are unique in our own way. I may like something you despise so much and you may value someone or something that makes no sense to me.It goes on to show that we have unique values and tastes.
If that is the case,why then go on trying to convince people why you took the decision you took,knowing that’s the best choice for you.
What then is your why?
Your why could be your purpose,your mission statement,what drives you.It can also be your goal.But however,if you don’t have a strong sense of purpose,if you are not convinced enough about that decision,about that career change,about that change in business,people would decide for you and talk you into their own why.
As humans,when someone close to us wants to make a life changing decision,they seek those closest to them for advice.However on most occasion,we advice them based on our on limited view of things or perspectives about life.We do not truly seek to understand their reasons.To us most times,their reasons or ideas makes no sense.
I would love to say here that if you were in their shoes,you may see what they see and understand better,but since you are not,you
May not be able to understand their reasons.
I strongly advice that before you make any life transforming decision,there must be clarity of purpose.Your why should be strong.You should be convinced about your why,because at the end of the day,you would live with the outcome of your decisions and bear the fruit or reward of your decisions.Your partner won’t bear it for your,neither would parents,friends or siblings.
Therefore endeavor to follow your gut instincts so you can become a better you.

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