The Consciousness of Your Origin

Who are you?

Why are you here?
What were you created to do?

All these questions point to one thing which is the consciousness of your origin.

Some are born Knowing who they are and what they are destined to contribute, others stumble from one life post to another trying to figure out what they want to be when they grow up. At birth, a child is born with a mind like a blank slate. Then over time such blank slate is filled with writings. Memories from childhood to adulthood. Such man is been shaped by his environment and most times our environment defines us, our values, our likes and our beliefs. This may not be our true self. However, in pursuit of purpose and destiny, we seek to understand why certain events happened to us. Why we are designed the way we are, why we prefer one thing over another, why we possess unique gifts and talent. When we embark on such journey of self-discovery, it simply means that our consciousness has been awakened to a greater reality. There is a soul’s quest to reunite with its ultimate purpose, and until you reunite with your true purpose, you won’t rest. However, many have lost this consciousness. They have forgotten who they really are or are called to be. This could be as a result of one bad event, which automatically makes one lose sight of his or her identity. Maybe loss of a dear one, maybe heart break, maybe social influence, maybe a life-threatening disease. Moses could have lost his identity while he was in Egypt. Because he was treated like a prince. His true identity was an Israeli. Joseph could have lost his identity while he went down to same Egypt. Daniel could have lost his identity while he was in Babylon. But there was something common in all these men. They never forgot who they were. They had in them the consciousness of their origin. They knew who they were called to be. They knew where they came from. They knew the God they served.
The word CONSCIOUSNESS means the state of being aware. To be conscious is to be aware of one’s own existence; to be intentional.
One can imagine how Daniel stayed intentional in Babylon having being offered precious food, special banquet by the king. He rejected such beautiful offer. If you were Daniel, would you do the same. Bringing this example to our present-day world, today in an era of social media, we see people engaging in all sorts of things to be recognized. People lose the consciousness of their origin over cheap popularity. Just because they want to be recognized and have a sense of purpose. This only happens when one does not know what they are called to do. True recognition only comes from a place of purpose. If you desire to be known, then you must first find where you were created to fit in. If you are not called to be a writer, you can’t expect to shine and make impact in that field. You will only be wasting your years and resources doing what you are not called to do.

“when you take the time to Know yourself, you don’t run the risk of living someone else’s dream” T.D Jakes
How then can you find your purpose?
1.       Your Creator’s manual: Just like getting a new equipment and you read the manual in order to know how to use it and what button to press to set it up, you need God’s word to understand why you were made. The scripture is God’s divine manual and guiding principle for every creature. He said to Jeremiah “before you were born, I knew thee and formed you” {Jeremiah 1v.5}. So, you see no one knows you better than the one who created you himself.
2.       Pointers: your gifts are your pointers, your talents, your intuition/instincts. These are all pointers. What are you passionate about, what do you find joy doing, you need to be self-observant, take time to study yourself and understand what gives you so much joy when you do them? Your like, dislikes, passions etc. they all serve as pointers.
3.       Know thyself: Bishop T.D Jakes in one of his writings said that when you get to know you; your likes and dislikes, your passions and your plans, your motivators and your downers becomes evident. Knowing you means you simultaneously learn what it takes to inspire you. For some, it happens quickly, while for others it takes time.

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