Reading is a gift. You can only go as far as your mind can conceive and as far as you can see.

Reading broadens your mind’s eye by giving you insight. It broadens your horizon. Ask readers,they would tell you it took them to places they’ve never been before.

We read news to know what’s happening around us. Foreign news gives us insight of the ongoing events in other countries.With the aid of technology,it’s easier to access any information from our phones ,tablets and laptops.

The best gift so far has been handed unto Us but yet lots of people do not utilize it well.

Great leaders were all readers.They were able to see ahead based on the information they gathered or discovered in the pages of books,magazines or papers. 
For the investors,they took their time to study the market trend in order to know the direction the economy is going to so  they can invest wisely. Leaders lead because they possess what it takes for them to be followed. The followers follow because they need the information to grow.

Knowledge is Power,Information is Key.
There is a book or a literature for every field you find yourself. School education seems to be collapsing as self education is taking over. It’s not enough to say you have studied a course in university and then learning stops. 

New information are been released everyday. New ideas,new discoveries.With the aid of social media,under developed countries are able to catch up or get the information about new inventions going on in different countries.

“When you stop learning ,you start dying because your mind would become blunt and not sharp”.

With knowledge,through reading,our minds ,insights and visions are made sharper.
I use to think I was an avid reader until I read the story on how Elon musk reads and finishes two books on two different topics in a day. No wonder he’s a polymath and on top of the world. Other distinguished men like him,devoted themselves and mastered the art of reading. Even in their busy schedule,they devoted time because they understood the importance of reading to their career and personal growth.

So dear readers,please make a commitment today to read. Build a reading habit or culture.

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