Inspirational quotes about life

Inspirational quotes 

  •        Life is in phases: the fact that you lost this season doesn’t mean you won’t make it next season. Just like in a football game, every club has their winning season. Some clubs stay on top of their game for the next four seasons, while some lose all seasons, but as we all know, a time comes when the losers become the winners. So is life. So do your best today, so that when your season comes, you would enjoy the reward that comes with it.


  • Perfection is an illusion for no man has attained it: the more you know, the more you want to Know. Perfection is like saying you have arrived or gotten to a said end state of which death is what awaits the man. Imperfections are what makes us humans. They are what makes us understand humanity. And what make us willing to thrive more

  •   Trust the process not the end result: In all our journeys, the process is the most important of them all. This is because in the process lies the experience. Our battles are tied to the process, so is our victories and testimonies. We will have no story to tell if we do not follow the process. However, many which to jump the process and arrive at their end goal. The more difficult the process is, the more experience is gathered.
Motivational quotes

  •  Every time you lose, you gained a reward which is called Experience : We all hate to lose. We grew up in a culture that hates losers and admires winners. No one wants to associate with a loser. But then we forgot that the winner we celebrate today was once a loser. A loser who lost on all side. Tiger Woods was a great professional golfer. He was once a winner and then he started losing. No one wanted to associate with him, but then behold, he made a comeback. And today we all celebrate him. He gained something from his years of failure and that is called Experience. Experience makes us better people. It makes us wiser and smarter but then it all depends on what you make out of your own experience.(see why failure is a pathway to success)

  •  Learn to accept rejections, and reject acceptance : You know you crave for acceptance more than anything. Also the use of Social media has increased our needs for acceptance. Those who have more likes and more followers are seen as accepted, trending and good and those who have less followers are seen as not good in their niche. At the end of the day, those with more followers may not even like themselves. They may even reject themselves or go through self-condemnation lacking true friends because their social handles gives off an image of someone who is loved but the reverse is the case. One thing I have learnt is this that the greatest gift you can give to yourself is to accept yourself. When you accept yourself for who you are, you do not care about who rejects you or accepts you. Let self acceptance be your first goal. Also, in your career, you may get several nays before getting your first Yes. So you must be tough skinned like a tortoise to be able to deal with several Nays if you must succeed in life.
Your thoughts are powerful 

  •    Your thoughts are powerful: Every word we utter must have gone through a process in our minds and subconscious minds. It maybe what we heard, listened to, watched, read etc. All these things, come together to form our thought process. When one grows up in a negative environment, such individuals thought pattern becomes so filled with negativity and bad news. Same thing happens when you surround yourself with positive minded people. You are what you continuously think about.

  • Time is your most valuable asset : You see time, time waits for no man. Time is a gift and as well, time is no man’s friend. If not maybe, it would stick around to wait for you. We all have same 24 hours each day, but its what we do with it that matters the most.{ read time management techniques} The wise man understands the value of time and thus, use it wisely


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