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As we all know, most businesses are gradually moving away from traditional marketing, to explore the world of digital marketing. While some businesses still hold of tenaciously to traditional marketing, other businesses has quickly adjusted to the realities of digital marketing and are now 10x in their sales.(click here to listen to the podcast)

The very ultimate purpose of online marketing is to make more sales, reach for customers and cover more grounds as possible. No business, I believe would love to remain at the level where they are , even if they have more customers. This is because they understand the importance of consistent marketing in their business as this helps in expansion of business. It is the delight of every company or business owner to expand.

Here are the applicable online marketing strategy that will help in growing your business

  1. Online Presence: We are in a digital age, everyone is online. As a business owner, you must learn be involved in this digital trend in other to make sales. If your business don’t have an online presence, then you are missing out of so many opportunity. The internet is your goldmine. Your phones, tab or computer is your tool to access them. When you don’t have an online presence, you deny your business the opportunity of breaking forth and being known and also you deny yourself the ability to make more money. So the first step is to give your business a chance online
  2. Social Media Marketing: Now that you have an online presence, you need to advertise. Big companies like Coca Cola, MTN, still run ads till date. As big as their brand is and well known, they never stop running ads. You don’t spend little amount of money on adverts and expect to see changes. Results in online advertisement takes time. Especially for new brands or business. It takes time for a customer to trust you enough to buy from you and relate with your brand. So in order to achieve your financial goal in business, you have to consistently be in their faces by using social media advertisement /marketing. However, most businesses do not know how to go about running their ads, so they end up wasting their resources and complaining of no result. It is the work of a digital marketer to help you run targeted ads that will yield maximum results. That is why we are here for you.
  3. Content Marketing: Lets assume you have an online presence and you are running ads, the next question is what kind of contents are you putting up for advertisement. Content is key in marketing but traditional and digital. Why would a customer want to stay glued to your ads when it pops up or when they come across them? It’s been said that video contents these days get more engagement than just text ads. Your ability to think like the customer you are trying to convert with your ads would go a long way in helping you create quality and original contents. Trust me, you don’t want to be wasting that money and not passing across the right message
  4. Freebies or Giveaways: This strategy works so well for online marketing on Instagram, twitter etc. Instagram influencers use this strategy a lot to gain popularity and draw attention to themselves and brands that pay them. The good thing about this strategy is that it gets your brand and products noticed. Even if its just for that day. So as a business owner or company, your marketing team should be able to come up with good competitive strategies to engage your online audience with a promise of a freebie.
  5. Email Marketing : For some businesses, they feel email marketing is outdated but for others, it gives them more customers. You never can tell if your business needs email marketing until you’ve tried and tested it out
  6. Influencer Marketing: This is another strategy businesses use in getting customers online. They pay an influencer who controls a large audience and helps them broadcast their business. Before you contact an influencer, your goal should be narrowed down and specific. What most influencers do is to do a shout out or ask for people to go and follow your page which is not enough or a guarantee for sales. So develop a specific goal and strategy which would before you contact an influencer.


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