Often times, we’ve heard people say the word “trust the process”. Some of us have wondered what trusting the process means while the rest of us wonder if we can trust the process and not jump the process.

While some misinterpret this term to mean staying put, folding hands and not doing anything, others see it at jumping in to do just anything.

However, to trust the process is to have faith in your journey to self actualization or your greater self, even while waiting for your greatness to unfold or for you to reach your higher manifestation.

As easy as it is to say trust in the process, that’s how unimaginably difficult it can be too. Sometimes when you are trusting  the process, it seems like you are left behind and everyone is on the run, hitting their goals and achieving their greatest potential while you are just lurking somewhere on this lonely path wondering when the storm is going to be over or when your breakthrough is going to come.

I’ve had prior experience in trusting the process and I am still in the process just that over time, I’ve learnt how to relax and enjoy the process and have faith and trust that this process is for a greater good.

Some days I feel like giving up on the process, but then I remember that the making of a sharp sword is in the sharpening process and the making of a pure gold is in the heat of the fire it has to go through. Just like we go through the process, so does gold, pass through a refining process separating it from the ores to reach its highest state of beauty that people clamor for today. Today we have gold necklace, wrist watches, rings and earrings. Had it been it didn’t go through the process, it’s beauty won’t be visible or approved.

In relation to us as individuals with aspirations and desires; sometimes life doesn’t give us what we want because we aren’t ready. We are not fit to handle it at that time. So we need to go through the process to be made fit for our higher purpose.

Trusting the process is not a sweet smooth journey. It’s hard, difficult, lonely and a lot more, but to succeed in your journey while trusting the process, you’ve got to surround yourself with people ho are lovers of the process. I can tell you there are very few people. This is because everyone wants to make it quick and fast. No one wants to be left behind. Always remember this, that times and seasons change. Nothing lasts forever. This season may not be yours, but if you keep preparing and trusting in your process, when your season comes, you will be so ready to grab it with both hands and take the lead.


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