How being a perfectionist almost ruined me

I know you must have heard of the saying, start where you are, use what you have. Yes, I have heard of it over and over again and yet just like many other people, i still sit around waiting for everything to be perfect just the way i want it before starting out. I know i am a perfectionist, and just like me there are many perfectionist out there sitting and waiting for the perfect timing, the perfect situation, the perfect equipment before they can actually do what they really want to do.

I finally came to realize that there are people out there who do not have what we have but yet they are doing better than us who sit and wait because we have simply refused to act.

Often times we worry so much about perfection that we end up doing nothing at all. Take a look around you, there is something you have and possess that you can start with. Start where you are with what you have. It’s not compulsory you start big. the main thing is you just have to start. Start anyhow, start as imperfect as it is. Start writing that book, start creating that content, start that business with the little funds. If you do not know how to start small, you won’t know how to manage big resources when it comes to you.

For example, since last year, I wanted to start shooting and creating video contents. I had a phone on me, but yet i wanted a proper studio recording. I wanted everything to be perfect and clean. The more I waited, the more time passed.All around me, I see people doing same thing i want to do with the little they have and they are gaining attention and making sales. Still I kept waiting until i grew restless, then i looked around me and did a survey of what I had. I found out it was enough to start. So i ended up starting where I was, with what I had.

All Moses had was just a rod and God used it to do miracles through him. All you have maybe an idea, a pen, a phone, whatever it is in your hand, think of what you can do with it now.

Here’s how you can start where you are;

  1. Accept where you are presently: the reason why many people ain’t starting is because they are lost in their world of wishes. Wishful thinking. They wish, they have a certificate, they would have done better. They wish they have a camera, they wish they had a nice house, they wish they had a perfect body shape, they wish they had this or that. Rather than wishful thinking, accept that this is the point you are in your life and you cant do anything about it.
  2. Look deep within you: when you look deep within you, you realize what you possess. You have something unique other people don’t have. But you see, instead of looking deep within you all the while, you have been looking around, comparing yourself with others and displaying a lack of contentment.

Always remember that there’s someone out there who wishes to have the kind of life you are living presently and even the previous phase you left. While you are busy looking down on yourself, someone out there is your secret fan.- Ngaji chiaku

3.  Make a list of all of you find within you: This is a list of all the asset you possess. Line that list up against your needs, and watch how quickly you can talk yourself into getting started. Who do you know? What do you know? What do you have? I’ll guarantee it’s more than you’re giving yourself. For instance, if you want to start a business and you have little cash, ask yourself what business can you start with the funds you have now.

4. Take action: Having considered and listed all that, all you need to do is to take action. Stop waiting to have the perfect start. Just start as imperfect as you are. People love to see your imperfection and relate with it. so just start.



  1. I remember when I gained admission to lag then even though I was in lasu. I was afraid of going. But then Dia was dis radio program I used to listen to. D presenter said one thing I won’t forget. She said ” EVERY STARTER IS A WINNER, AT LEAST HE HAS WON OVER PROCASTINATION AND THE FEAR OF STARTING. that has been my motto for years
    I believe when u start u will surely finish well and good.
    You learn in the process. Great minds like facebook, amazon, Microsoft and YouTube start where they are with the resources they have. You can always learn to be better as you progress.


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