Emotional exhaustion is a state of being mentally and physically drained and depleted. When we as humans, find ourselves in such state of mind, it simply means our emotional tank is empty and dried and we need to stop whatever we are doing to fill it up and cater for our own emotional needs.

Often times, this emotional exhaustion may come from work stress, unhealthy relationships, poor personal management and a lot more. Even healthy relationships can result to emotional stress where individual boundaries are not respected. Live as a whole is all about balance. Most people push through life with aim to achieve great success and great impact, but end up getting worn out at the end of the day even before arriving to their destination.

I could remember days I was emotionally worn out and exhausted. Those days I cried on my bed without any reason. I could feel the tiredness from my outer body down to my bone marrows and my inner being. I knew I was burnt out because I have being chasing this one goal that took so long to actualize after I gave it my all. Little did I realize that for once I never stopped to refill my tank. I also didn’t think about life,work balance. All my energy was focused on meeting my goals until I was hit hard with emotional exhaustion. This might have happened to you too or on the verge of happening as we speak.

The funny thing about emotional exhaustion is that you keep getting the warnings and signals until you finally break down. When you are not attune with your body, you ignore the natural signals and promptings. Just the way you know when you are about to fall asleep, that’s the same way your body keeps beeping the red lights warning you to take a break until the very final stage.I learnt a hard lesson when I eventually took my big break. I learnt to slow down that what I was chasing after would eventually come to me.

So here’s how I got over my emotional exhaustion and refilled my tank

  1. I listened to my body or intuition: One of the things my body demanded those times was for me to stop whatever I have been doing. So I stopped investing my energy in whatever was draining me. At this point I was drained in and out with no energy to invest. I didn’t just stop, I moved away from it.I knew that if I didn’t listen my mental health could get worse than it was. So I listened and stopped all forms of activities that was draining me.
  2. Self-Care: Self care is underrated. People only practice it when they are sick or going through stuffs. I think self-care should be an everyday culture. I learnt how to take care of myself, how to relax and enjoy a simple meal,how to take a walk alone, visit beautiful places, meditate and exercise and do all the necessary thing my body needed to recuperate. I listened as my body guided back to self healing and being one with myself.
  3. Patience:I learnt how to be patent with myself and enjoy the process. In an automated world, where everything is done with the speed of light, its easy to find that you are pushing your body so hard. We all feel that time is against us and we want to achieve things now, We want to learn a skill now, we all put all the whole tasks within a single day schedule. We overload ourselves with tasks, putting our mind and body under a lot of physical and emotional pressure, only to eventually break down. I understand your plight. Its okay to be ambitious, its okay to want it badly,but when these desires are unbalanced, your ambitions gives way to being emotionally burnout. Why not practice the art of patience, spread out your schedules. Give yourself the space and time to enjoy life, live in the moment and enjoy the process. Never forget that it is in the process that a man is being made.
  4. Total Surrender: You can’t control all life events. Change what you can and leave the rest. When you are emotionally exhausted, life is simply calling you to surrender and let go. We keep pushing even when we arr emotionally drained because we are afraid to surrender. We are afraid because we have spent so much energy chasing it that it must work out our own way. Now that you are exhausted, it time to surrender and take a break.

Would be awaiting your feedback and comments.


  1. I admit this is a wonderful blog post Jedah, i have been in this shoes before and it was hell trust me!. I was emotionally caged and the fact that i could not let the person go was something really weird but at last i found a balance.

    Keep up with the good work for I’m now your biggest fan, Thanks for this.


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