About Me

My name is Jedidiah Tessy. The main purpose of  this blog is to help others find meaning in life,by answering their questions about life and it’s true purpose.Each day,we discover a new and uncharted territory and a part of ourselves that we are not aware of.We may want something today and tomorrow we don’t want it anymore. Therefore we keep changing and adjusting until we fully take shape and become who we were created to be.We don’t know it all.We know in parts.

I am here to guide you through lives uncharted territory,by helping you discover yourself.The more I find myself,the more I help others too.Its a continuous journey.

For this purpose,I became an avid reader in order to know more,learn from great minds and be equipped to help others solve their problems.By so doing,I am making the world a better place and creating the world I want to live in. All I do and learn ,I do and learn in order to help others and be a World Changer.

I hope my blog inspires you as you read through it.

Your comments would be a great.


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